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" the story of kojo "

In the jungle, confused; afraid. As I looked around standing barefoot. on the dark moist soil; There were innovators, artist, designers surrounding me. On top of the trees, below the branches, and between the leaves. There were innovators all around. We are what this Jungle is made of. More style and creativity than  any man. We all began sprinting afraid for our lives. A black shadow lurking  snatching us; into the  dark  never to be herd of or seen again. We continue to run! breathing hard, breaking branches, leaping over logs. The sound of  horror; screaming until silenced. The few reaching to make it, no understanding of the past or prediction of the future. Only defined by our thoughts. All we knew was to run. As I continued running with my eyes open, breathing hard, alone in the wild; Seconds before the black shadow could reach. I woke up screaming. " KOJO ! "

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